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Excel 2013 Essential Training

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I’m so glad that you are here. I’ve been looking forward to getting this program in your hands. I can tell you right now that what you’ll be doing in this program will completely help your life and your business.

In the section below, you have the chapters that form this training. When you click on them, you will be taken to its corresponding area where you select the lesson that you want to learn from.


01- Introduction
In this chapter we give you the welcome to this training and you will learning about what Excel does as well as getting to know the interface and other areas.

02- Managing Workbooks and Worksheets
Here we will see the workbooks in detail, configuring Excel options, the environment colors, creating and saving files and the built-in help.

03- Entering and Editing Data
Here we will learn all details about entering and editing data, copy, cut and paste, managing rows and columns, formatting numbers, adding comments and the AutoFill.

04- Working with Large Worksheets
Here we learn how to navigate Excel workbooks, managing big amounts of data, working with multiple files, freezing panes, splitting screens, the FlashFill, among others.

05- Formatting
Here you will learn the tools to enhance the presentation of your work files, formatting dates, using templates, clearing cells and more.

06- Calculations and Formulas
This chapter present the introduction to the world of formulas and calculations. You will learn to do the mathematical processes that are a must in the business world..

07- Working with Tables and Data
Here you will learn the tools to manage big amounts of data. You will control and structure your tables in style, sorting, searching, filtering and a lot more.

08- Creating Charts
In this chapter you will learn all the ins and outs of creating and formatting Charts, how and when to use them. You will also learn about Trendlines and Sparklines.

09- Graphic Objects
Here you will learn how to add the power of graphics to your worksheets. Among others, you will learn about photos, cliparts, shapes, SmartArts, stacking order, grouping and formatting..

10- Conditional Formatting
Here you will learn about Conditional Formatting, a very useful tool for visualizing numeric data. With it, you can see results in a matter of seconds in stead of hours.

11- Page Setup and Printing
Excel manages the printing in a very special way. Here you will learn all the details about it.

12- Next Steps
The conclusion of this training and the next steps in your learning.

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