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Learn from zero to advanced.
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  Course Description

In this Microsoft Excel 2013 training course, I take you through the basics of the world’s most popular spreadsheet software. Excel can be a complex program to use, but this course breaks it down into bite-sized pieces and teaches it in a plain way. No prior experience in Excel 2013 or spreadsheets is required to get the most out of this Excel beginners to advanced video training.

I have outlined this course as a step-by-step guide where you will learn from zero to advanced.

You will start with the absolute basics, creating and saving a new workbook. The course proceeds step by step through the process of entering data in cells, doing basic math, formatting your worksheets, setting up pages for printing and applying basic mathematical formulas.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you will move on to more advance formatting topics like working with themes, using Excel provided templates, adding graphics and charts, and using Excel as a database. You finish off with advanced formulas, and applying conditional formatting to your worksheet, and even more.

By the time you have completed this video training course of Microsoft Excel 2013, you will be comfortable with day to day operations that you would perform in this program. You will be able to perform calculations, and create professional graphs and charts from your data. The working files are included to allow you to follow along using the same source material that the author uses throughout the lessons in this computer based training video.

 Who this course is for?

• This course is perfect for beginners who needs to learn much more than just the basics.

• This course would also be helpful for an Intermediate Excel user who needs to improve the skills in areas such as using complex functions; creating charts, graphs and tables; Data Management, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Filters, formatting spreadsheets; navigating efficiently within an Excel worksheet and a lot more.

• This course is helpful for increasing personal productivity, efficiency at work or even develeping skills to obtain a better job.

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  Unleash your imagination
Many times we see the screen monitors of different companies and we wonder how those people can create those advanced and sophisticated reports. We might ask ourselves: what is the secret?, what programs do they use?, what are the special techniques that they implement?

Some people might know that they use Excel, but how to achieve those professional results in our own work is the main question that come to our mind. The answer is that the program to create those reports, grahics, analysis and other wonderful things you might already have it in your computer. It’s name is Microsoft Excel. The real problem, and the reason why your worksheets appear very simple and have no interactivity, is that most of the trainings available at the moment about Excel focus only in the use of different tools inside the application, leaving aside the most important part of all:

And it’s teach you to THINK creatively, GENERATE ideas, implement and convert them in smart solutions in worksheets.

These documents will finally produce those advanced electronic files that can handle thousands and thousands of records, organize and classify them in a matter of seconds, and present the results in the blink of an eye without errors.

  Our advantage and why you must register

 Get ready for the real world
Everything we will see will always be useful to successfully face any Excel challenge in a work environment or for projects with your own customers.

 Our help
You count on our support and unconditional help during the entire training period.  Whether it is technical questions, reviews or general help, we are here to assist you.

 Learn in High Definition
High quality audio and video allow you to appreciate every detail of the classes with the best possible clarity so you do not miss a single pixel of what we are going to achieve.

 About the Certificate
For us, the best certificate that you can have is that you be able to learn all what you need to know to successfuly undertake any project in Excel. If you require one, we can provide.

 High quality training that you can enjoy in ANY device. register

  What we are going to learn…

Part 01 – Welcome
• Getting started with Excel 2013
• Using the exercise files
• What’s new in Microsoft Excel 2013
• The Quick Access Toolbar
• The Green File Tab
• Exploring the Ribbon

Part 02 – The fundamentals of Excel
• Managing Workbooks and Worksheets
• Configuring Excel Options
• Excel 2013 Environment Colors
• Workbooks in detail
• Using the built-in help
• Creating, Saving and Opening Workbooks

Part 03 – Entering Data in Excel
• Entering and Editing Data
• Undo and Redo actions
• Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Moving Data
• Handling operations in Worksheets
• The importance of DATES in Excel
• Learning all the details of working with Columns and Rows
• Hiding and Unhiding data
• Spell Check and AutoCorrect
• The most critical part to know that is Formatting Numbers in Excel
• The fantastic tool called: AutoFill
• Creating your own AutoFill list

Part 04 – Working with Large Worksheets
• Navigating an Excel Workbook
• Find & Replace data
• Viewing multiple workbooks
• Hiding and Unhiding Sheets
• Modifying more than one worksheet at a time
• Freezing and unfreezing panes
• Splitting screens
• Different screen layouts to show data
• The super powerful tool called: The Flash Fill

Part 05 – Embellishing our work with formatting
• Applying Formatting and Colors
• Adding Borders
• Cell Contents Alignment Orientation and Wrapping
• Merging and unmerging cell contents
• Enhancing Worksheets using Themes
• Creating and using Cell Styles
• The Format Painter
• Formatting Dates and Times
• Clearing Cell Contents Vs. Clearing Cell Formatting
• Using the 2013 Templates
• Creating and using your own Template

Part 06 – Calculations and Formulas
• Introduction to Formulas
• Basic Math
• Order of Operations (BEDMAS)
• The Sum function
• AutoSUM
• Average, Min, and Max
• Copying Formulas and Functions
• Quick Analysis – Totals
• Useful Count Functions
• Evaluating Formulas
• Absolute and Relative references
• Calculating Percents
• 3D Reference
• Naming cells and ranges
• Understanding Errors
• Dealing with or fixing errors

Part 07 – Working with Tables and Data
• Creating a Data Table
• Standard Ranges vs Data Tables
• Modifying Table Formatting
• Working with Table Records
• Calculations in a Table
• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data in a Table
• Using the Subtotal Function
• Importing Data from an external source
• Using Outlines to Group Data

Part 08 – Creating Charts
• Creating Charts
• Exploring Chart Types
• Formatting Charts
• Understanding Chart Elements
• The 3 Icons to format Charts
• Adding Trendlines
• Creating Sparklines

Part 09 – Working with Graphics
• Graphic Objects
• Intro to Graphics
• Photos and ClipArts
• Shapes
• Using SmartArt Graphics
• The Stacking Order
• Grouping Objects
• Formatting Graphic Objects

Part 10 – Page Setup and Formatting
• Conditional Formatting
• Managing Formatting Rules
• Page Setup and Printing
• Configuring Printing Options
• Headers and Footers
• Page Break and Page Layout
• Conclusion

In a general sense this is what we are going to learn. But there is a huge lot more of information in this training. And best of all, we are going to apply ALL of these topics in real life examples of daily use. That means that everything you learn here can be applied to your own projects and to your work. There are more than 100 lessons in this course and they have been specially prepared in such a way that you learn a system, not just tools.

  Who is the instructor?

Luis Federico Peña

Graduated from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, Dominican Republic., with degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.

Consultant, Advisor and Entrepreneur. I have more than 10 years in the web design field and online marketing. I have build over 250 commercial websites helping my customers to achieve results online. I have taught numerous courses, conferences and seminars on Internet, Branding, Marketing and e-commerce to assist people in these areas.

I lead the LFStudio team, which specializes in providing various services which include: Graphic Design, Printing, Website Design, Internet Marketing, TV Video Commercials and 3D animation.

Now I am putting my experience in helping you to learn and making you and your business more profitable. I like to teach my students in a dynamic style that guarantees a fun and enjoyable learning, straight to the point and based on techniques and advises that are 100% of the real world.

The regular price of this training is $120 but with this offer, you can

Enroll now with   $67

… and receive my best training on MS-Excel.

Above all, you are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if during the first 30 days you are not totally satisfied with the quality or methodology of the training, or simply understand that it is not for you, you can ask for a full refund of the investment so far and will be granted without any inconvenience.

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